October is right around the corner and so are a multitude of shows and televoting competitions gracing our television screens which will become all that people talk about.

Despite really wanting to talk about the marketing success of the hit summer show, Love Island, brought about this year (or should I?), what we’re focusing on today is the importance of marketing yourself as a contestant in anticipation of Malta’s first ever X Factor show, airing this autumn.

Why did I refer to Love Island you may ask? Despite the show’s contestants not being able to curate their personal social media due to being kept away from anything connecting them to the outside world – they all knew how important it is for them to still remain present and on the radar. Hence, why either their friends and family members made sure to keep their channels alive by posting content and connecting with their audience to build up that hype around the individual contestants.

This helped to get votes on those impromptu occasions when the show host, Caroline Flack, would come about in the villa to announce an elimination! The competition itself ultimately is a golden opportunity for the contestants to emerge as big-time social media influencers when the show is over and partnering up with major brands.

Getting back on track! As a contestant, it’s part of your job to not only stand out with your vocal chords when people tune in to the show but also when they’re not – meaning the rest of the week. This is the chance to really build up your followers to help you get those coveted votes to get to the next round towards the finale!


Here are three top tips if you want to amp up your social media game!



People want to get to know you on a more personal level. If you take a look at who you personally follow on social media platforms, ask yourself, ‘why?’ Most probably it’s because you get to know more about them and what those influencers are up to. People find other people interesting. So ditch any idea of being someone you’re not – people are interested in knowing the real you and your story!

This takes a bit of soul searching before you start off. Take a look at yourself and identify what makes you unique than the rest – why should people follow you? What are you going to offer them to the table that is different than the rest? Why should people look out for and engage with your content?

You have to make it worth their while.



We live in an age, where everything is right at our fingertips. Every chance people get, they reach out for their phones. This means that it’s important that if you want to build your followership on Instagram (or any other platform), make sure to have your content pop up ever so often.

Whether it’s sharing Instagram Stories showing instances like buying a 20 pack of chicken nuggets from the McDonald’s drive-through in your pajamas or your X Factor journey behind the scenes – DO IT!  People want to see it and be a part of it. It’s all about building a small community of your own.



A conversation isn’t something that is just one-sided – as the time old saying goes, it takes two to tango. If your followers are engaging with your content, make sure to answer back! People love someone who is interactive and in tune with their audience, and not closed up in an untouchable bubble. These small interactions are highly appreciated by followers and help you gain their loyalty.


What are you waiting for? Get cracking!

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