One of the day-to-day challenges of working at Pure Concepts is thinking through how every concept created or design can be produced on several mediums of design. How can my design fit on a TVC but deliver the exact same message as a static image? My main goal is always to create solutions that work holistically, not just for a segment of the media. This requires me to constantly explore the world of design and expand my creative process.
Last weekend I was given the opportunity to attend the London Design Festival where

hundreds of events and exhibitions were set up across the city of London, intended to celebrate design in its broadest scope.

An ideal opportunity to inspire myself from prestigious artists and a very good source of motivation.



Apart from the small installations in various shops around the city, we visited 2 major exhibitions; 100% Design had some really innovative trade show pieces, but Design Frontiers at Somerset House was most probably the highlight of my weekend. 30 leading international designers hosted a thoughtful experience; from graphic to digital, automotive, fashion and product design.


‘Roxanne’ – a product design Installation at 100% Design
2 installations particularly amused me; ‘Please Don’t Feed the Designers’ was the first one. Apart from the amazing installation name, Paul Priestman showcased his new designs for comfortable travelling seats which require less space than normal seats. Besides from the great design, I was particularly impressed with their thinking process – a board was set up with an example of how this company sees their assigned jobs as challenges and how they tackle this challenge to solve ‘the problem’. They never referred to their work as a product or an artwork but as an experience, which really and truly is the perfect way to describe all our end products; an experience for me as a designer and for the viewer.
Next up was the installation by Ian Callum, the director of design at Jaguar – ‘From creativity to reality and beyond’. The installation was split into 2 rooms, one were he sketched his ideas and shaped concepts made out of clay, and the other with a projection displaying the future of travelling. The innovative way in which they used projections was mind blowing. A concept of a still car was given life; just by projecting on it – a very interesting and ingenious way in which one can make use of dynamic media to capture the mechanism, actions and dynamics of the product in question.
‘From creativity to reality and beyond’
The amazing weather made the experience even better as it was made possible to walk through the streets of London and admire the prodigious architecture around. It was a great weekend indeed which really made me admire the process that goes beyond just design; the way of thinking, the tools of thought that are vigorous for a design oriented company like Pure Concepts.
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