Ian Attard

Ian Attard

Guess who’s back? Back again … (we know you sang along while reading this)

It’s the age of the comebacks, and Ian, our senior graphic designer, is one of them!

This self-thought, Instagram crazed photographer is back on our team – and quite frankly, we’re absolutely chuffed! Ian loves working on branding projects and seeing the work done appreciated by clients and other creatives alike! After all, there’s nothing like peers supporting one another.

When he’s not snapping photographs with his coveted camera or at his desk designing, you can catch Ian keeping up to date with the latest design trends and photography styles. Mind you, if it’s around 6 PM you might spot him chasing sunsets to get that perfect instagramable shot!

Unfortunately, Ian absolutely sucks at table soccer and isn’t that big of a foodie, but we’re on a mission to turn things around!