With the Eurovision Song Contest now behind us, we wanted to investigate how Malta can get the much coveted twelve points, unlike last week’s tragic outcome. From a marketing lens, the Eurovision is a golden opportunity for advertisers. Considering that nearly every Maltese citizen is glued to their screens to watch the semi-final (so that we can all judge the participating contestants, write posts on Facebook and argue that the system is unfair) this show flocks audiences to broadcasting media. Hence the pop-ups and the never-ending commercials. The Eurovision in Malta can be seen as the Superbowl counterpart, in the United States. Even the quality of the adverts is much higher than the standard Maltese television commercials ie. tad-daqqa.

So from a marketing point of view, the next Maltese representative needs to present a package that includes the following.


Social Media ESCtatic

One of the reasons why Netta won the Eurovision Song Contest is because, on social media, Israel was very strong. On our newsfeed, we saw adverts promoting the song and urging people to vote. Israel also ran a Google Adwords campaign! Even Germany ran some Facebook adverts this year targeting Malta and managed to rank in fourth place. To see whether Facebook adverts for these countries worked or not would be something impossible but Malta gave 10 points to Israel and 4 points to Germany.

Looking on the local social media scenario for local singers these are the top people.

  • Ira has what it takes to be regarded as the queen of Maltese social media. From the 150,569 fan base on social media, Ira Losco has 77,923 local fans. The rest are all coming from other European countries! Having a good wide audience reach from different countries will help the individual to spread their message without spending too much dough on Facebook advertising. Other great local artists who fare extremely well on social media are:
  • Joseph Calleja, with a whopping 215,178 fanbase from all around the world with only 20% of this number is coming from Malta.
  • The latest newbie on the block, yet Amici-sensation, Emma Muscat, has a fanbase of 29,744 with the majority coming from Italy and only 33% comes from Malta.


A Cool Pure Concept (pun intended)

The bearded Conchita, Alexander Rybak and his violin, and Ruslana surrounded by her wild dancers, all had that something with a strong memorability factor. This strategy works as people love originality. Malta missed some of these pure concepts entries such as:

  1. The singing nuns – although vocally it was not the best entry, these nuns would have been the highlight of the show. I mean what are the odds of seeing 6 nuns singing in a massive concert?
  2. Richard and his Father – this was a nice entry from Malta, which would have done well because of the emotional side. Having a father and a son duo is a very different concept.
  3. Olivia Lewis and her massive dress – Deja vu! Yes, the toilet paper doll would have worked just fine,  a good concept which in fact was taken up this year by Estonia.

Alas, we still have these entries which we didn’t try yet.

  1. Fr Rob Galea – the Maltese priest that happened to be a finalist in Australia’s ‘The Voice’. This Maltese singer is very popular around the world and recently published his own autobiography.
  2. Tenishia feat. Gaia – being the first Maltese citizen that won a festival from the Eurovision family, Gaia Cauchi should be given the chance to represent Malta now in the Eurovision. Tenishia is a very popular international DJ that classified amongst the best 100 DJs in the world. Having these two combined together could be a very interesting concept.
  3. Ira Losco and Gianluca – The two of them have shown us that they are vocally very compatible -fact. Having Ira a second place runner-up in 2002, and the singing doctor Gianluca Bezzina the last positive result that Malta had in the last 10 years should be a mouth-watering recipe.
  4. Tikka Banda feat. Corazon – imagine a marc tal-festa for Eurovision sung by Maltese renowned singer Corazon. Famous for her song Dar tan-Nanna, Corazon would be the ideal singer to sing a Maltese song in the Eurovision Song Contest. Tikka Banda is a fun and lively band that is growing in popularity in Malta. Who knows?


Public Relations

Public relations is very important. Having a good PR strategy will manage to turn the song into a news item. In Kurt Calleja’s time, the PR team decided to organise a flash mob in Baku. Ira Losco also enjoyed a good PR while in Sweden. Remember the mummy reveal news on mother’s day? That was juice-news for every news portal. PR helps the brand to be shouted about in the media. We all know that media is a very strong medium when it comes to advertising. A strong message can help in increasing the authenticity of the product.



Yes, like every other campaign, the budget is very important. Having a good budget and people that know how to spend that budget very well can lead Malta to a triumphant long-awaited victory. Mans Zelmerlow and his animation act cost Sweden a fortune. That stick man dancing beside Mans was something that everybody remembered and that was translated into points.



Now luck is also an issue with regards to Eurovision. Christabelle Borg’s Taboo was a very good act representing our tiny island. The staging was perfect and from the looks of it, there was a good budget allocated. On social media, Christabelle was very strong. This week alone, Christabelle had a total engagement of 60.9K and increased her fan base by 4.5% on her Facebook account.

These five ingredients can be applied in every marketing campaign. Having a good strategy a good concept, and a fair budget will result in a successful marketing campaign.


PURE Concepts can help you … no need of any neighbouring countries!




Photo by Andres Putting

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