As soon as Halloween passes, the next best thing to think about and to start planning is Christmas (unless you just ignore Halloween altogether and you begin to plan way ahead). A lot of planning goes into the holidays. I mean, think about it. The setting up of the decorations, tiresome event planning, the exhausting food menu to tick all the right boxes to please everyone and acing those Christmas presents to be champion gift-giver.

With that being said, when you work at an agency, or technically any other business sector, you start thinking of and planning your festive season send off. So that’s pretty much what we did here!

After a long process of shooting out ideas and ways how to develop them, there was one that stuck out as a favourite amongst us all and knew we had to go for it for this year.

This is why we present to you … ‘Christmas at PURE … just like the movies’.


‘Why?’ you might ask? To be honest it’s quite simple. One of the main things that ARE A MUST to do leading up to C-Day is to sip on hot chocolate, curl up on the sofa with a warm blanket and binge on Christmas movies to add to the warm and fuzzy feeling that the season brings along with it. Going down this route gave us all a sense of nostalgia, which is very on trend at the moment to tug on those little heartstrings, but we obviously had to give it our own personal twist.

Each person was assigned an iconic Christmas movie poster, that in some way fit their personality. The nitty gritty then came into play when the real task came in hand. The artwork of each poster had to remain recognisable, however, updated to fit today’s design trends or even put ourselves in the artwork.

What can we say? It definitely has been an interesting process, seeing what everyone came up with in terms of creative and needless to say we had a couple of laughs! We just CAN’T WAIT any longer to show you all 9 designs that we will be posting leading up to our Christmas shutdown!

So stay tuned on our socials for our posts and let us know what you think by hitting a reaction or drop us a comment to join our own version of festive holiday cheer!



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