Why hello hello there. Yes, it’s been quite a little while since we’ve reached out to you all and divulge what’s been buzzing up in our tiny heads and offices. In all honesty, we’ve been pretty busy and if other people in the industry are reading this, you know that you tend to put yourself on the back burner and put your clients on the forefront.

First off, as you can see, we got a bit of a facelift. Yes, we opted up for a little image sprucing up because everybody loves a little bit of a haircut here and there to feel like they’ve turned the page and started off a new chapter. Apart from the obvious logo tweak, we are now hosting you on this new corner of ours on the world wide web while also planning some interesting stuff in the pipeline.


Over the months, we’ve had some new additions to our red monster family, but we’re still a tiny company that makes big projects happen.

Since the month of January, we have had a hefty number of campaigns rolling out and one big MF conference hosting experts from all around the globe. We also managed to fit in three post-work wind-down events (yes, we know that we need to up that number) and nine weekly foodie challenges with one victorious winner (who happens to be our latest newbie).

We don’t want to bore you with drab details in this post, but just to put you in the picture, in the past few months, we grew our team, we added new members to our client portfolio, and also managed to increase team events aimed at bringing us all more in sync. we’ve been working really hard to deliver quality work to all of our clients while also in the process working on ourselves internally to come together closer more than ever.

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